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Are you maximizing space?

Does your venue have a banquet facility or a small private room in the back of the restaurant? How are you using that area? Restaurants with private dining rooms and banquet facilities can boost sales by catering private parties and functions such as weddings, holiday parties and business meetings. Maximizing that space can have a positive effect on your bottom line.

If you have private dining space, do you actively promote and/or provide details and contact information for guests regarding hosting an event at your venue?  If not, there’s no better time to start. Use your website, social media outlets and even table tents, menus and stand alone signage to advertise private dining space availability. Combine this with listings on sites like for further reach and you have another option to drive more business.

Here are some additional ideas. Offer restaurant-hosted events. For example, throw a Super Bowl party with appetizer and drink specials. Or, try a Valentine’s Day mystery dinner. Is your chef exceptional? Host a cooking demonstration or cooking classes for a small registration fee. This will expose guests to your space and boost your reputation in the community. Plus, a survey conducted by the National Restaurant Association says 64 percent of adults would attend chef’s table dinners and private tastings. What about a guest loyalty celebration? Invite your most loyal return guests for a special dinner thanking them for their patronage. Making guests feel special
gets them talking and Word of Mouth advertising is the greatest form of advertising. Plus, it’s free!

What better way to maximize revenue than by maximizing space.


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