After an event has been planned or executed, an invoice needs to be generated in order to collect for catering services in a timely fashion.  To help save time and reduce errors, download a free catering invoice template that does some of the calculations automatically. What is a Catering invoice? A catering invoice is a […]

SSO: What Is It and Do I Want to Use It?

11/07/2018 by Rob Hutter

SSO or single sign-on provides a way to use one set of logon credentials (user ID and password) to login to multiple applications. The beauty in this is you can be authenticated by one identity provider and use those credentials on multiple systems. In our digitally connected world, I am sure you have many personal […]

It’s hard to believe that the holiday season is almost upon us.  December is typically the highest grossing financial period of the year for hospitality venues such as restaurants, hotels, clubs and other unique event facilities. Below are some ideas for making this the merriest year yet! 1. Schedule Two Room “Turns” Create specific reservation […]

The Difference between a Standard Reservation and a Reservation to an Event Reservations are commonplace in the hospitality industry.  In fact, they’ve grown exponentially as service offerings have become increasingly creative.  It used to be, a reservation was simply related to a table in a restaurant.  Today, reservations have expanded to include other activities like […]

ReServe University Launches a New Campus

10/17/2018 by Leslie Phillips

Our customers’ success with ReServe Interactive® software products means everything to us. Wanting to empower them by offering a quick way to find answers to their questions on their own has been utmost on our minds, which is why we are thrilled to announce the launch of our new ReServe University Campus!  It includes a […]

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