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What’s the Difference?

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

Every day we take calls from prospective customers asking questions about our dining reservations, table management, catering and event management software portfolio as well as the services we offer.  In many instances, people want to know what makes us different from other hospitality management software systems on the market today.

Well, in terms of the software itself, it is built on an intuitive platform, which means that the software is designed to do the thinking for our customers. It’s designed to follow the logic they would use to book an event, capture a reservation or run their dining room. It was developed from the users’ perspective rather than a software company’s perspective.  We also use customer input to help us enhance our products’ functionality and benefits so our customers get the right solution and the results they expect. We know that our products and services are only as good as the real improvements they make possible for our customers.

In terms of what makes our company different, we’d like to think that our customer service stands above the rest. We still believe in a handshake and a voice at the other end of the line. Our goal has always been to make our customers’ lives easier, so providing them with hands-on training and live support is just as important as the features of our software.

When people ask us what makes us different, we let our customers do the talking.

Reserve is going well, as usual. I am beginning to wonder how they ever got along without it! I will always bring Reserve wherever I go, as it makes my job so much easier.  - Royal Palm Banquets and Events

I love, love, love ReServe and am so happy to be using it again! The customer service is absolutely top notch. – Tra Vigne Ristorante

Fast, reliable, and trustworthy advice and service… Beautiful! – North Bowl Lounge and Lanes

What a Little Control Can Do

Monday, April 15th, 2013

Does this sound familiar? You walk into a restaurant and ask for a table. The hostess is scratching away at her reservation book, pencil sharpened down to a nub, eraser chewed from stress. She frantically glances out to the dining room, exhales loudly and makes a spur of the moment decision on where to place you. She’s acting on instinct, information she’s receiving from servers on the floor or, in many cases, she’s just taking a guess.

The right tools could ease her stress and give her some much needed control over dining room activity. Why is she struggling with a paper-based reservation book where she has to flip through pages looking for names, marking tables and crossing off no shows, when there’s ReServe Interactive Dining Reservations & Table Management software?

When restaurants use ReServe, the front-of-house atmosphere is remarkably different. Staff is relaxed, laughing, talking with guests. Walk-ins don’t rattle anyone. Guests are seated quickly and with smiles. There’s a feeling of calm all around the dining room.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Our Dining Reservations & Table Management software portfolio offers a ton of features that help restaurants efficiently and profitably manage their dining operations, but most importantly our software provides front-of-house staff with control and peace of mind. The end results is happy, productive employees who create a relaxed dining environment and satisfied guests which leads to repeat business and recurring revenue. Who could ask for more?

It’s a New Year and There’s Plenty to Share!

Monday, January 28th, 2013

We are happy to announce that 2013 is going to be an exciting year for ReServe Interactive and its customers. We have several new initiatives planned including some new product launches that will help change the way our customers do business. The industry is evolving and we are ready for the challenge. Keep an eye out for some new web-based and tablet applications, industry collaborations and major platform advancements.

Our first exciting initiative will be the second quarter launch of Table iQ™, a table management application for the iPad. Table iQ will offer customers the ability to add guests to a reservation waitlist, page and seat guests, monitor table status and so much more. Table iQ’s intuitive, state-of-the-art user interface will work as a standalone, as well as integrate with both the ReServe Interactive® Dining Reservation & Table Management software system and ReServe Q™ online reservation software. Watch for more information in the coming weeks!

We believe our software sets a standard for how technology should work for hospitality professionals. Their work is unique and their needs are varied. The initiatives we have planned for the year will provide our customers with the right solutions for their businesses and, most importantly, continue to provide the results they’ve come to expect from us. Here’s to an exciting and successful 2013!

How Hotel, Resort and Casinos Across the Country are using ReServe to Succeed

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

The seamless integration of our Catering and Event Management, Dining Reservations and Table Management software provides a comprehensive hospitality solution for hotel, resort and casino owners, managers and staff. ReServe offers centralized control over dining reservations across unlimited restaurant sites, real-time table turn optimization and comprehensive event and banquet management functions.  Our Hotel, Resort and Casino clients are using our software with incredible success.

For example, when Treasure Island Hotel & Casino changed ownership in 2008, the company’s legacy dining reservation software system was phased out and ReServe Anywhere®, ReServe Interactive’s web-based Dining Reservation & Table Management software was implemented to centrally manage individual and large group restaurant reservations, as well as dining room activity for three of the hotel’s fine dining restaurants. Treasure Island Hotel & Casino Case Study

When the Hilton Waikoloa Village’s needs surpassed the capabilities of its custom in-house software application, hotel staff needed a new solution to manage the reservation process for multiple on-property restaurants, dining events and guest tours. After reviewing several software applications, they implemented ReServe Interactive’s Dining Reservations and Table Management software and the Events with Reservations add-on module. Hilton Waikoloa Village Case Study

When the Gaylord Entertainment’s existing dining reservation software provider was bought out, they selected ReServe Anywhere®, ReServe Interactive’s web-based Dining Reservation & Table Management software with ReServe’s web-based dining reservation interface, to manage reservations across all four properties and the dining rooms of 16 fine dining restaurants. Gaylord Entertainment Case Study

Our software offers an intuitive, intelligent way for Hotels, Resorts and Casinos to produce immediate operational efficiency, enhance guest service and increase profitability.

Boost Customer Service to Build a Better Reputation

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

From the sign over your front door to the centerpieces on each table, every aspect of your business contributes to the rise (or fall) of your reputation. But, in a world where customer service is perceived to be falling by the wayside, you and your staff have an opportunity to make your service stand above the rest and catapult your reputation to a new level.

Exceptional customer service can make a customer’s ordinary experience exceptional.  Which would you prefer? Being seated, fed, and hustled out so the next guest can come in or be greeted by name, offered your favorite table or bottle of wine, and treated to personalized, superior service throughout your entire visit? Do you want a common, status quo experience or do you want something memorable to bring you back over and over again?

That’s why we designed a product to help you focus on exceptional customer service. Our software allows you to capture important bits of information that allow you to treat all of your guests like VIPs from the get go.

Our Dining Reservation & Table Management software:

  • Captures guest preferences, like food and beverage purchase histories, table and server requests so you know what your guests want before they walk through the door
  • Gathers historical data such as guest contact information, number of prior and future dining reservations booked, number of no shows and cancelled dining reservations so you can determine customer loyalty levels and reward your guests accordingly
  • Automatically calculates available reservation times based on dining room specific criteria including table inventory, turn rates, maximum seating capacities and other information so your guests can be seated promptly
  • Hostesses stay in the know and in control with accurate wait times for walk-in and advanced reservation guests with automated wait time calculations so your guests can spend more time enjoying the experience than they do waiting for the experience to begin

When it comes to reputation management, we pride ourselves on helping our customers come out on top.

Happy New Year!

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

The end of 2011 was an exciting time for us. We were busy launching ReServe Q™ online dining reservation software and gearing up for a busy New Year. We have quite a bit planned for 2012.

We will be expanding our technology platform through new and enhanced catering, event management, dining reservation and table management products, new systems and new platforms. We have hired new employees and built new partnerships. We are focused on enhancing the user experience with increasing product and support performance. And that’s just the beginning!

We have so much to do in 2012 and we look forward to sharing it all with you. Keep an eye out for upcoming posts, announcements and news throughout the year.

It’s the little things…

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

Here’s an interesting thought. Our customers thrive on, and, at the same time, are often overwhelmed by details. It’s the minutia involved
in their everyday responsibilities that can make our users’ lives crazy. From last minute reservation cancellations to unexpected walk-ins, wine preferences for a birthday celebration to a frantic bride’s fourth menu change in two weeks –  all of these things are important, and when overlooked or forgotten, can throw everything out of whack.

When I get a phone call from a prospective customer, it’s usually because they are drowning in Post-it Notes and file folders, lost in a
sea of scratched up and wrinkled reservation book pages, or simply tired of bouncing between three or four computer programs to get one report printed. They are exhausted and looking for a better way to do business.

We know that, as a true solutions provider, we can’t make sweeping generalizations about that individual’s business. We can’t assume they
follow the same processes as other establishments, subscribe to similar business models as industry peers, or service the same demographic as a local counterpart. We treat them as individuals and pay attention to the details they share – the very same, very specific details they pay attention to every single day.

But that’s just the beginning. Once we talk with them and learn more about their needs, it’s time to share how our software can help them
more successfully manage those details. With ReServe, our customers can capture important bits of information to create an exceptional guest experience. And when our customers are too busy to ask for the details, we remind them. We want them to be able to treat all of their guests like VIPs from the get go because when our customers are successful, we’re successful.

The Gateway

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Check out our latest press release:

ReServe Interactive Launches ReServe Gateway - Web Services Enabling Third-Party System Integration and Aggregated Data Analysis

ReServe Interactive, an industry leader in hospitality management solutions, has launched  ReServe Gateway™, a robust web services platform enabling enterprise customers to integrate and share operational and financial data stored in their ReServe Interactive software with third-party software applications to streamline operations, improve productivity and enhance guest services.

“Many of our customers require our software to share information with other systems that help them manage their business such as POS systems, CRM programs and financial applications,” explains Mike Edmeyer, Vice President of Sales for ReServe Interactive. “ReServe Gateway is a reliable, responsive and cost-effective engine that enables on-demand communication with any of these services and is seamless in even the most PCI compliant environments.”

ReServe Gateway supports ReServe’s entire software suite including Reservation Management functions such as the facilitation of checking dining availability, making and cancelling reservations, and reporting reservation activity; Table Management services including the checking of wait times, changing table status, recording dining preferences, and reporting turn rates; Event Management services that facilitate the reporting of event scheduling activity and financial details, and checking availability and booking events, as well as Contact Management services that facilitate account and contact detail management.

“Web services is a standard communication protocol used across a variety of industries which means it’s proven, efficient and effective. And it’s easy to integrate with any desktop or hosted application,” explains Lynn Carter, Chief Technology Officer. “It enables us to focus on our core competency, which is designing productivity software for restaurants and catering operations, and efficiently sharing important data that our systems accumulate with other business functions. ReServe Gateway transforms how our software is used within an organization, and we expect the resulting links between ReServe and other systems to expand rapidly, providing great value to our customers.”

Will you Q?

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

Part of my job is educating customers about ways to improve operations so that they can see an immediate impact on their bottom line. Our customers need to run leaner, manage operations successfully and build business consistently. Without the right tools, these tasks are challenging to say the least.

Take, for example, dining reservations for restaurants. Restaurant staff needs a way to manage reservations so that they can take advantage of their entire table inventory. They need the assurance that when their guests go online to make a reservation, they find accurate information and can book a reservation easily. They also need a way to keep guests in their restaurant when they find their requested dining time to be unavailable.

When I’m speaking to prospective customers about reservation management, I ask the following: “Can you rely on the reservation software you are currently using?” The answer is usually “That depends.” For a variety of reasons, customers are unsure. They are spending quite a bit of money on some of the systems out there. There is some benefit to the marketing tools these systems provide, but it’s hard to gauge how much business is lost because guests have been redirected to other area restaurants that may have availability. In some case, there is no benefit at all; rather the restaurant feels it’s something that they need to do because they’ve been told it is good business sense to have some sort of system in place.

We end up discussing things like functionality, integration, marketing, and estimated ROI. Ultimately, I end up walking through the features of our software. What’s exciting is that we’ll soon be able to offer more dining reservation tools for restaurateurs. We will launch ReServe Q, a platform that will allow restaurant guests to make dining reservations or add themselves to a wait list using a restaurant’s website or a mobile device such as an iPhone, Android or Blackberry. As part of the ReServe Q offering, we’re forging strategic partnerships with mobile application aggregators and online dining guides to expand marketing reach for restaurants.

Most importantly, we’ve created a tool that will benefit our customers to the fullest with increased business and a better bottom line.

Will you Q?

Case Studies in Success

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

Since 1996, thousands of users across more than 1,000 businesses and venues have successfully implemented our Catering, Event Management, Dining Reservation and Table Management Software across their locations. Check out the links below to see how these customers are working smarter, faster and better by taking advantage of the unique, efficiency enhancing features of our software.

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Chicago Yacht Club

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