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Add Hotel GRC for a completely comprehensive event management tool.

Function space ... check. Food and beverage ... check. Labor and equipment ... check. What about sleeping rooms for guests? When booking meetings, conventions or social functions at hotels, Sales and Catering Managers also need to look up guest room inventory and add group room blocks to their events. This often requires them to work in separate systems, adding time-consuming inefficiencies to the event booking process.

No longer, using the ReServe Cloud® Guest Rooms Control (GRC) module! Now when the Johnson wedding needs to book 10 rooms for their out-of-town guests, or the ABC Corporation wants to add a block of 150 rooms for their five-day conference, they can do it all from one, efficient, integrated system.

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ReServe Cloud provides a monthly GRC view to check availability of guest room inventory for room blocks during a desired range of dates. This view includes a list of events already holding a block of rooms along with their average rate and current status. It also provides helpful information such as a Minimum Available Rate to assist with rate quotations and negotiations.

Add Guest Room Blocks.

A block of guest room bookings can be added to any event. The bookings can then be assigned negotiated rates based on the room type and occupancy. Details such as reservation method, cut-off date, agent commission, market type, room pick-ups and more can be tracked in each event guest room block. In addition, ongoing corporate contracts can be established and managed in the GRC module from ReServe Cloud.

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Generate Documents and Reports. It's easy!
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    With ReServe Cloud's integrated document generator, it's easy to respond to clients quickly with merged contracts and event orders.
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    A multitude of reports can be generated to intelligently analyze information and make informed decisions. These reports are customizable and configurable to offer complete flexibility.
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    Clients can even e-sign those documents and pay their deposits electronically.