Lucky Strike Lanes & Lounge, Sherman Oaks California

Using ReServe, we've been able to streamline our booking processes, centralize our data and focus on growth.

Kristyn Aldrich
Event Sales Manager

Lucky Strike Lanes & Lounge, the country's most popular boutique bowling and entertainment facility, operates 17 locations in the US and Canada. Each location features 12-to-26 lanes, a lounge with high-end bars, private party space, dining and event catering. When manual booking systems hindered the organization's ability to effectively manage its growing group bowling activities and on-site catered and event management needs, Lucky Strike chose ReServe Interactive's Dining Reservation & Table Management and Catering & Event Management software.

Using ReServe, we've been able to streamline our booking processes, centralize our data and focus on growth," explains Kristyn Aldrich, Event Sales Manager, Lucky Strike Lanes, Philadelphia. "In the last year, we've been able to successfully book and execute more than 1,000 events at our location alone.

The Challenge

Prior to implementing ReServe's software, Lucky Strike group bowling activities were managed manually using a traditional reservation book. On-site catered and private dining event information was gathered in a paper-based event book and transferred to an electronic spreadsheet where food, beverage and add-on venue information was added. With multiple event managers at each location, the manual systems left room for employee error and miscommunication among staff. In addition, the company was dealing with ongoing growth and needed to be able to quickly implement an easy-to-use software solution across all 17 locations.

"We needed to get away from manual processes for booking group bowling activities and private events. The system we had in place was creating extra work and making everyday tasks more cumbersome for the staff," says Aldrich.

Lucky Strike Lanes & Lounge
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