Catering Software in the Cloud

01/30/2015 by ReServe Interactive

Why cloud?

What is this hazy thing called “The Cloud”? Well, essentially, it’s a way to utilize technology without all the hassle. No need to spend a lot of money on expensive servers or network infrastructure, and you don’t need to worry about hiring an IT person to handle database backups and software upgrades. Just access your catering software from any Internet browser on your PC or tablet. That’s right, I said tablet!

Ever need to work from home? Snow day? Sick child? By hosting your catering software in the cloud, you can achieve the highest levels of mobility, flexibility and security in your event management business. Work from the office, your couch, a coffee shop – anywhere you can access the Internet.

But what about your spreadsheets, Word docs, file folders and sticky notes? These old school methods work, but at what cost? Ever have a sticky note fall off of your monitor behind your desk, or have an important document get misfiled? Piecing together a solution eats up valuable time that could be spent booking more event business or taking even better care of guests. With your web-based catering software, everything is accessible from one location making you more productive and efficient, while eliminating costly or embarrassing mistakes.

There are many solutions on the market today designed to book and manage your catered events more efficiently. The trick is finding the best solution for you. Check out ReServe Cloud to see if our web-based features are right for you and your catering and event business.

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