Multi-Unit Management – The Benefits of Technology

02/26/2015 by ReServe Interactive

WomanatComputerCateringRIMulti-unit restaurants often struggle with managing operations across all of their sites. Some restaurants rely on onsite managers to turn in accurate financials each day so that corporate management can analyze activity. Other companies send district managers out to each location to gather the same information. This can result is inaccurate and incomplete data, miscommunication and delayed opportunities for revenue generation and ongoing growth.

In order for these organizations to successfully manage their multi-unit operations, they need insight into the activity across all of their locations and an effective way to gather financial and historical information. That’s where technology comes in. We’ve helped our multi-unit customers observe, gather, analyze and report on activity across 2 or 200 locations.

We serve a wide range of multi-unit customers from restaurants to foodservice contract management accounts. For example, Wolfgang Puck Catering implements our catering and event software across more than 40 venues and The Melting Pot uses ReServe across more than 30 restaurant locations.

Here’s what they’re able to accomplish with ReServe:

They manage multiple locations/venues within a single database.

Historical and financial reporting is centralized so management can access data on an enterprise, regional or single location level.

Communication, transparency and the sharing of information between employees, departments and locations is improved.

And that’s just the beginning. Take a look at some of our customer case studies to see how our customers are using technology to better manage multiple locations.

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