Using Technology to Keep an Eye on Your Bottom Line.

02/10/2015 by ReServe Interactive
Mike Edmeyer, VP of Sales

Mike Edmeyer, VP of Sales

Not only do catering sales have to go up, your costs need to stay down. It’s increasingly more important to manage your catering and event resources effectively.

How do you monitor and control the costs of the equipment you need to set-up a catered event? Do you have a process in place to manage the labor required to execute events? What about food costs? Can you create a menu that is priced profitably while still dazzling your cost-conscious guests? It’s no secret that food prices continue to rise, impacting hospitality professionals and consumers alike.

Caterers need to make rapid and educated adjustments to their businesses on a daily basis in order to be successful. Without the data to evaluate and manage resources, chances are you are missing out on opportunities to positively impact your bottom line.

The right technology tools can help you accurately calculate costs to get a handle on your resources so you can make the right decisions to stay profitable.

A simple Internet search shows the obvious. Technology options for catering professionals abound. So, when you are evaluating a new catering software tool or reconsidering your existing tools, pay close attention to the features that will impact your bottom line. Your catering software needs to offer more than just pretty event order generation. You need to be able to pull accurate event information that provides value so you can assess and manage your catering resources with confidence.


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