Would you hire an accountant to fix your furnace?

02/12/2015 by ReServe Interactive

The ReServe TeamOr a doctor to build you a house? Then why choose a catering software solution built by people without catering and event industry experience? While they can program software, can they really speak your language? Do they understand what you do on a daily basis? Is their software designed to meet your true event management needs or does it have lots of bells and whistles that look cool but are of no use to you or your business?

You don’t need catering software that looks the part, but still forces you to remember where information is saved, what needs to happen next and what button means what. Your catering software should be simple to use so that it makes your life easier. If you’re wasting time trying to figure out what your software does or does not do, then your software isn’t doing its job.

Our users drive our product development. They let us know what they need and we find the most effective way to make it happen. Every feature, every function, is designed and included because it has been requested by an actual user, including members of our own team who found themselves with a specific need when they were working in the industry.

At ReServe, our team is made up of hospitality industry veterans who, together with some of the technology industry’s brightest professionals, provide our users with a product that is more than a software system. We’ve stood in your shoes. Our software is an extra pair of hands, an extension of your staff. We’re passionate about changing the way our customers do business. We want them to be efficient, profitable and, most importantly, able to do their jobs quickly, easily and accurately with software that truly useful.

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