private diningRestaurants offering private dining space have a unique opportunity to drive revenue and fill seats, especially when traditional dining reservations are down. However, if your private dining space is ineffectively managed, additional business can be lost, guest service can suffer and revenue will decline. If you’re using spreadsheets and file folders to manage your private dining business, you may find yourself wasting valuable time trying to manage event bookings and find guest data. Consider automating your current processes to create efficiencies, increase revenue and enhance guest service.

What should you do first?

It all starts with building a private dining program. Whether you are using a separate space for private dining activities or portioning off part of your main dining room, treating that space and its function as its own entity is critical to properly growing a private dining business. Dedicate a single salesperson and then provide the tools they need to do the job, including special materials like designated menus and promotional materials. One of the most important tools you can give them is a software system that, through automation, can help them manage all aspects of a private dining program.

Why automate?

By automating your private dining processes and centralizing guest and booking information, you can capture critical data in one place, allowing your staff to quickly and easily access the information they need, making them more efficient and able to focus on the guest. In addition, technology can help you manage large party reservations and repeat guests; control your seating inventory, rooms and function space; as well as coordinate and manage labor resources.

Restaurant owners also know that it takes more than space to make their private dining business profitable. You’ll also want the ability to market to existing and prospective guests. Look for software that can automate and centralize your guest information, including contact information, purchase history and preferences. By gathering this information, you’ll have the tools to market your private dining offering and build repeat business.

Private dining can be a profitable proposition for many restaurateurs. The key is effectively managing all aspects of the business so your clientele grows, your guest service is enhanced and your overall revenue increases. Toss the spreadsheets and file folders and replace them with technology that can increase your efficiency and boost your bottom line.

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