Confident Waiter Holding Tablet Computer In RestaurantWhen you’re preparing for Saturday dinner service and you head to the front of the house to touch base with your staff, are you confident in what’s about to happen that evening or are you filled with a sense of dread, unsure of how well the night will go?

How smoothly will things run? Is your staff reviewing a hand-written advanced reservation list hoping that every call that came in was actually written down? Will they be taking a best guess at wait times for walk-in guests? When your doors open, what will your guests see and experience?

The quality of a guest’s experience when they walk through your door can be a deal breaker. You may offer the best food in the business and your staff may be friendly and cheerful, but if your guests see you struggling or they experience inaccurate wait times, lost reservations and a general sense of confusion, you may never see that guest again, resulting in lost sales and a major hit to your reputation.

Where do you struggle when it comes to your front of house operations? Where are you successful? What changes do you think you can make to make a difference?

These are tough, but necessary, questions for any restaurateur who wants to remain relevant and profitable. One place to start is to determine if there are any technologies available that won’t negatively impact your bottom line, but will provide you with what you need to run a more efficient front-of-house. There are so many products on the market today that are designed to increase efficiency and make restaurant management easier – from online reservations to table management. Take some time to review your options and choose a solution that meets your unique needs. Would software that runs on a tablet suit you? Do you need that flexibility to manage your floor, your staff and a wait list? What about letting your guests pay with their smartphones? Do you need to integrate with a POS system? Do you need a more comprehensive solution that can help with financial and historical reporting, marketing and lead management?

Take the time to ask yourself these questions. Learn more about the software systems on the market. and remember, your restaurant is unique and your front of house needs are distinctive. Make the choice that’s right for you.

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