time is moneyWasted time is wasted money. And using a combination of tools like file folders, sticky notes, and spreadsheet programs to manage events can be a waste of valuable time, leading to process inefficiencies, gaps in productivity, miscommunication, mistakes and lost business.

By investing in the right software system, you can standardize your event management processes, centralize your guest data, and improve communication between individuals and across your organization. In addition to making processes more streamlined, technology can also make it easy to keep event details and guest information accurate and up-to-date, and event planning on track. Instead of rifling through file cabinets or flipping through paper calendars to find the information you need, one system can capture everything and allow event information to be easily accessed and managed by staff. What once took an hour or more can be accomplished in minutes. The result: time saved and money made.

Taking Event Tech Mobile

Event management software options have advanced over time and now catering and event managers can carry their technology with them, creating even greater levels of efficiency and productivity. Web-based systems that are accessible on a tablet or laptop through an Internet browser make accessing data and managing events even easier. Imagine being able to check space availability or update event orders as you are walking through a venue with a prospective guest. Web- or cloud-based software systems are becoming more common and event management professionals are reaping the benefits. See Why Manage Events from the Cloud?

When deciding on event management software, consider how your business operates and determine which system will benefit your organization in terms of time savings, process improvements and cost effectiveness. Can you afford to waste anymore time?

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