Do you want to be everything to everyone?

04/21/2015 by ReServe Interactive

The hospitality industry is so unique. It is highly segmented, thematically diverse and powerfully resilient. On top of all of those things, its needs are vast, from food and beverage to operational needs, financing to marketing resources, and equipment to technology requirements. Suppliers, with a passion for the industry, sometimes find themselves wanting to fill as many needs for their hospitality customers as possible.

The problem is, when you try to be everything to everyone, you lose sight of who you are. And so do your customers. Not only do you lose your competitive edge, but you run the risk of becoming forgettable.

The pool of hospitality industry suppliers is large and our offerings cross over a myriad of operational needs. With so many choices, hospitality professionals are often at a loss with where to start. It’s our responsibility to make our offerings crystal clear so our customers have the right information to make the best possible choices. By muddling features and benefits or using deceptive language, it’s impossible to stand out and be seen as a viable, long-term solution.

Many successful hospitality professionals have figured this out long ago and can serve as a great example. They are the ones that have thrived through a struggling economy, and quietly boast a solid, targeted and growing customer base. They have honed in on what makes them unique and have built a reputation on that uniqueness that is accompanied by industry accolades and customer ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs’.

While we offer several hospitality management software solutions to our customers, our message is clear and so is the ReServe Interactive offering. We would rather be something incredible to someone than run the risk of being overlooked because we tried to be everything to everyone.



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