It’s All in the Details (Part 2)…

04/01/2015 by ReServe Interactive

dv1399018_47When it comes to details, there are two trains of thought. The first is that they are a nuisance, an annoyance – extra work that gets in the way of the bigger picture. The second is that details are the foundation of an unforgettable experience or an extraordinary event.

When the details are tended to, the bigger picture goes from ordinary to exceptional. Details can make or break an evening out for dining patrons. Are they seated, fed, and hustled out so the next guest can come in, or are they greeted by name, offered their favorite table or bottle of wine, and treated to personalized, superior service throughout their visit? Was their experience common, like so many others? Or was it memorable enough to bring them back over and over again?

Does your restaurant management or private dining event management software help you capture important bits of information? When you’re too busy to remember the details, does your software do it for you?

Below is a short list of details that should always be captured and easily available to help you do your job well.

  • Guest preferences, like food and beverage purchase histories, table and server requests
  • Event buying history, phone conversations, correspondence and e-mails to help prospect future business
  • Historical data such as guest contact information, number of prior and future dining or event reservations booked, number of event or dining no show or cancelled reservations
  • Available reservation times based on dining room specific criteria including table inventory, turn rates, maximum seating capacities and other information
  • Accurate space availability to prevent double bookings and maximize bookings
  • Accurate wait times for walk-in and advanced reservation guests with automated wait time calculations

Detail driven software is necessary and should de designed to prompt you through the dining reservation or event booking process to guarantee that absolutely nothing is overlooked and all the information you gather is accurate. Details make the difference. Make sure the software you choose captures the right details, so you can do your job right every time.

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