Simple Time Management 

04/13/2015 by ReServe Interactive

clocksmallEver find yourself spinning in circles trying to figure out what to do next? Your list of Things To Do has become so long that it almost seems impossible to get through? There are only 24 hours in a day and with 8 hours or so dedicated (hopefully) to sleep, the rest of your time is valuable and spinning in circles gets you nowhere. Managing your time is critical – not only to achieving your goals and maintaining your sanity, but to building your business.

Where to start? Well, whether you manage your task list in a software system or on a legal pad, it’s important to follow a couple of key rules.

  1. Set priorities – Must Do, Could Do, Not Done by Me. Start with items that need to be done by you and done that day – the Must Do’s. Could do’s are items that can be tackled once the Must Do’s are complete. Not Done by Me are items that can be delegated to someone else.
  2. Complete your daily tasks first – these are the Must Do’s mentioned above. Focus and complete these first, as they are necessary to meeting your job requirements.
  3. Eliminate distractions – distractions vary – phone calls, e-mails, unscheduled meetings, Facebook/Twitter/Browsing (yes, we all have been guilty of this at one point). Set aside specific time throughout the day to accomplish or tackle these items. Check e-mail when you get to work, over lunch or a break, and at the end of the day. Put non-critical phone calls into voicemail and schedule a time to return them. Accept meetings during certain hours and try to stick to it. Keep social media and non-work-related Internet browsing to your off hours.

Now, these steps can easily be achieved in ideal circumstances. But, we know there will be days that you are thrown off course. Remember, tomorrow is a new day and a new opportunity to institute more effective time management skills.

We’re all about efficiency and time savings here at ReServe Interactive and we know that every minute counts for our customers. Hopefully the steps above are a helpful tool for you become more efficient.

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