Successful Private Dining the ReServe Interactive Way

04/24/2015 by ReServe Interactive

iStock_000003292733Medium_rgbWe have a long list of restaurant customers who offer private dining event space to their patrons. These restaurants have found a way to take full advantage of the unique opportunity private dining brings to expand their customer base and boost their bottom line.

How do they do it? In addition to automating their processes and centralizing their customer and booking information with our software, they’ve mastered the art of exceptional customer service. While our products do things like help them manage their group reservations and repeat customers; control their seating inventory; or coordinate and manage labor resources, these restaurants have carefully selected customer service oriented employees that know exactly how to create unique dining experiences that include the perfect combination of service and personal attention.

While we provide an efficient way for them to manage operations, gather valuable customer data and market to their customer base, these restaurateurs have figured out how to combine the comprehensive functionality of our software with their superior customer service offering to build a profitable and growing private dining business.

Here are a few customer profiles highlighting how our customers manage their private dining events businesses.

Harry Caray’s Restaurant Group

SEGA Gameworks USA

The Melting Pot

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