JoanThere is nothing worse than misplacing an important piece of information. The frantic rifling through of documents, file folders scattered, sticky notes falling to the floor, all in an effort to locate a name, date or time for a client. While you shuffle through calendars and electronic spreadsheets with your phone pressed between your ear and shoulder, the person on the other end of the line is feeling your stress and slowly losing confidence in your ability to meet their needs.

When you finally do find what you’ve been looking for, what trail of destruction has been left behind? Where will you put the new information you collect? How many times have you erased information from your paper calendar and replaced it with something new? Is it even legible? Can you tell where and when you have space available?

With our Drag & Drop Multi-View Calendar and Event Book, you can manage unlimited event or banquet sites and locations, prevent double bookings, check availability, maintain wait lists, and copy repeat events, all in one centralized location. No more paper calendars, electronic spreadsheets and sticky notes. No more frenzied scrambling to find what you need. Everything is at your fingertips and nothing is missed, so you can answer your phone with confidence and instill that same confidence in your clients.

To learn more, Meet Joan.

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