Staying top-of-mind after an event is over

06/25/2015 by ReServe Interactive

Once everything is packed up and the lights are turned off, the final invoice is paid and the event is closed out, what happens next? What steps do you take to make sure you stay top-of-mind with your clients so that they remember you the next time they are planning an event.

The thank you letter you send can set the stage. Encourage clients to contact you again when they are ready to plan another event. Consider giving them a discount on their next booking.

After things settle down and your clients have had a chance to process the event, send an evaluation. Have them rate the sales and planning process, the service, the facility and the food. Ask for input into how you can improve your offering. If there were any issues, ask if they were satisfied with how things were handled. Finally, ask for a recommendation, referral or testimonial. A client’s endorsement is the best form of advertising.

Use your event management software to capture their event preferences. Did they like a certain menu item or beverage? Did they like a particular room layout? When they book with you again, you will have a solid starting point in the planning process and they will appreciate your recollection of their preferences.

Finally, set an automated tracer to remind you to check in at the six-month mark. Don’t give them time to forget you. By automating the follow up process, you can eliminate the chance of leaving business on the table and build yourself a loyal client base.

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