Thoughts to ponder…passing the baton.

06/09/2015 by ReServe Interactive

Cooperation is essential between everyone on an event management team. Just like a relay race, each team member should be able to evaluate the needs of others and adjusting accordingly to facilitate the smooth passing of the baton.  The baton, in this case, includes all of the details required to execute an event flawlessly. Anyone who has run a leg of a relay understands that the race is either won or lost in the passing of the baton.

To pass the baton and ensure the seamless execution of an event, always provide a lead during the selling and planning stages of an event. This lead, usually the catering sales manager, is the guest’s initial point of contact. Once the planning is complete, the baton should pass to the event manager who will manage day-of details. Both the catering sales manager and the event manager should know everything about the event taking place so the guest can trust the people in charge, relax and enjoy their event.

What is your plan for passing the baton? Will you win or lose the race?

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