CateringManagerA work standard is a written description or verbal agreement as to how a process should be done to create best practices. By implementing standardized processes across your organization, you have the opportunity to improve event management efficiencies, impact effectiveness, enhance measurement and forecasting, and drive productivity.

Without consistent processes in place, discrepancies occur across individuals and departments. Pieced together solutions and systems or disjointed procedures impact everything from revenue to customer service. Missed steps in the event management process can lead to lost business opportunities and inadequate communication between staff and clients. The overarching impact is on your brand. Inconsistencies in the way you do business affect your image and your ability to grow your business.

ReServe Interactive was designed to help you build the best practices you need to maintain and build your business. From the event sales process to day-of execution, ReServe guides you through the steps required to give you the highest levels of efficiency and accuracy.

Check out our Event Lifecycle video to see how ReServe guides you from initial guest inquiry to final thank you note.


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