12 ways to work smarter with ReServe Cloud

07/16/2015 by ReServe Interactive

RI_Cloud_webhome (4)The benefits of ReServe Interactive’s cloud-based Catering & Event Management software make for a long list. Below are just 12 benefits that enable catering and event professionals to improve their efficiency and increase profitability.

With ReServe Cloud, you can:

  1. Continually access all areas of your software from any PC, tablet or mobile device for greater flexibility and control
  2. Manage unlimited event or banquet sites and locations, prevent double bookings, check availability, maintain wait lists, and copy repeat events
  3. Electronically process, record and associate deposits, payments and recurring payments, in any combination, with an event through the security of ReServe’s PCI compliant e-payment integration feature
  4. Seamlessly embed electronic signature fields into proposals, contracts and other documents. Capture customer signatures and store a legally binding, signed document in ReServe that can be shared with all parties
  5. Build consistent business practices and ensure accuracy by breaking down operations into digestible steps using Event Lifecycle Technology
  6. Let prospective guests submit private event requests through your website that are automatically traced for follow-up
  7. Instantly produce professionally branded and customized proposals, contracts, event orders, invoices and templates with automatically inserted price, menu, contact and event information
  8. Maintain a rich customer database for accounts and contacts including buying history, phone conversations, correspondence and e-mails to help prospect future business. Recognize and differentiate VIP guests and customize service
  9. Create professional, personalized letters that automatically insert desired contact and event fields
  10. Generate customized, automated daily “to-do” lists and follow-up reminders
  11. Create event orders and proposals in seconds by selecting menu, set-up and service items with advanced, single step point-and-click technology
  12. Ensure accuracy in the planning and execution of events on-site, off-premise or across multiple properties

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