Are you effectively managing your resources?

07/02/2015 by ReServe Interactive

Profit ArrowYou spend most of your time managing details. How much time do you spend managing your resources? How do you manage your people? What about your equipment and materials? Ineffective management of your resources can lead to lost productivity and lost revenue. Using the right software can help you organize and maximize your event management resources.

ReServe’s Catering & Event Management software will help you monitor and control the costs of the equipment you need to set-up an event, the labor required to execute it, and the menu designed to dazzle your guests.

For example, you can input the cost of food and beverage items to ensure menus are priced profitably. ReServe will automatically re-calculate cost percentages, so you can easily accommodate client budgets. Our software will also automatically allocate labor costs according to custom staffing models that determine what resources are typically required for a specific event. This will allow you to streamline your labor resources and keep money in your pocket.

Designed to accurately calculate costs, ReServe will help you get a handle on your resources so you can make the right decisions to keep you profitable.

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