Stock PhotoYour wait staff can make our break your business. This short list of mistakes is common and should be avoided at all costs to ensure your guests experience the best your establishment has to offer.

  1. Ignoring the guests when they walk-in. You are never too busy to greet a guest. Take a moment to make eye contact, smile and welcome them to your establishment.
  2. Chit chatting among staff. Gossiping and personal chats within earshot of your guests is off-limits. It immediately comes across as unprofessional.
  3. Forgetting to thank your guests before they leave your restaurant. Someone just spent their hard earned dollar and kept you in a job. Thanking the customer should be a given.
  4. Carrying and checking your cell phone. Don’t carry a cell phone on you unless it’s totally silent and not visible in your pocket. Never take it out on the floor.
  5. Complaining to the guest about your job. Regardless of whether or not you are having a bad day, you should always act as if your restaurant is the only place you want to be. Letting guests see that you enjoy your job makes them happy to be there as well.
  6. Keep the stressed out, bad attitude at home. If you let your anxiety show, it rubs off on the customer. Smile!
  7. Using inappropriate language. Nothing is more immature or unprofessional than profanity on the job. Always be respectful of those around you.
  8. Quit hiding. Don’t hide in the kitchen or up by the hostess desk. Put yourself where you guests can see you so they feel as though you are paying attention to them.
  9. Ignoring a table just because it isn’t in your section. Make a point of helping any guest when you have a free moment. The extra attention resonates and enhances the guest experience.
  10. Forgetting the details. If someone asks for a side of ranch dressing or a new set of silverware, make sure you give it to them as quickly as possible. If you don’t, they’ll remember that you forgot.

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