ReServe Interactive is pleased to announce its partnership with to provide credit card processing within the ReServe Cloud® application. Now ReServe customers can enjoy the convenience of offering clients an online credit card payment option, while ensuring the highest level of PCI Compliance.  With Stripe, there is no sign up, set-up or licensing cost associated with only a small transaction fee.

1. Is Stripe required in order to process credit cards within ReServe Cloud?
Yes, ReServe Cloud uses to provide a PCI compliant method for collecting credit card information.

2. Can I use Stripe with my existing gateway or merchant account?
Stripe isn’t a traditional gateway or merchant account, but rather acts as a layer of abstraction that eliminates the need for both. In other words, Stripe is an all-in-one solution.

3. Is Stripe a merchant account, a gateway or something else?
Stripe is a complete solution that replaces all of the above.  If you work with the legacy payments industry you may need to integrate and interact with multiple vendors to accept payments online (a merchant account to receive funds, a gateway to submit payments, maybe even a third service to manage recurring charges). By contrast, Stripe is designed to be simple—we accept your payment data, and we deposit the funds in your bank account. As a result, you only need to work with us.

4. How much does Stripe Cost?
With Stripe, there is no sign up, set-up or licensing cost associated with only a small transaction fee. ReServe Interactive adds .5% to your negotiated price with Stripe. You can find current base pricing for Stripe by clicking here.

Compare costs of Stripe vs your current payment system.

The ReServe Cloud software is a cloud-based catering & event management software solution from ReServe Interactive. From complete access from any browser on your tablet, iPad or PC, to click and drag calendar and event book functionality, ReServe Cloud revolutionizes how you manage your catering, event and front-of-house dining operations. It’s easy to navigate and even easier to use while giving you more control over best practices, users and your overall business from the top down.

If you would like to start processing credit cards through ReServe Cloud, it is simple to get started. Contact us for more information at 925-456-6700 or send a request.

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