Did you know that the ReServe Cloud® reservations software can manage more than tables?  Since its inception, our reservations system has been adapted for use across several unique markets.  ReServe customers are utilizing our solution to book bocce courts, reserve bowling lanes, schedule winery tasting appointments, and much more.  Oh yeah, and we can still manage your dining tables, as well.

Wonder how?  ReServe’s unique platform lets you define your “assets” (tables, courts, lanes, tasting appointments, etc.) by activity type.  Then, you can manage the inventory; establish turn rates; and associate attributes, which helps you accommodate guest requests.  Combine that with a rich CRM tool, and an integrated Event Management solution, and the relationship between Sales and Operations has never been more cohesive.  Having everyone on the same page at the same time?  It can happen; let us show you how!

To learn more about the full suite of hospitality management products offered by ReServe Interactive, please fill-out our Contact Us form at www.reserverinteractive.com.  You can also give us a call at 925/456-6700.

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