What is a CRM Tool?

03/01/2016 by Jeff Walden

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, so by definition, a CRM is a tool that helps you manage your relationships with current and prospective customers. Your email and address book already do this; well, sort of – Your email links related messages together, and lets you quickly and easily find all messages to/from a contact through a search.  And your address book can hold as much info about your contacts as you wish to capture. But a true CRM tool should do much more than that. After all, the R in its name stands for relationship!

The CRM feature in the ReServe Cloud® platform is designed to help you string together the relationships in your contacts: this includes all correspondence to/from a person, or other persons you’ve talked to within the same company.  Managing multiple users in the same database, ReServe even allows you to keep track of the person on your team who knows someone within your customer’s organization, and their conversation history.  Having access to this related data helps you see the big picture, and then know exactly what was conveyed to whom and when. Because when you have timely and accurate data at your fingertips, you can act on it accordingly.

Now let’s take it a step further.  ReServe utilizes a common sense approach to building repeat business, which we know consistently contributes to your bottom line.  ReServe manages the knowledge and understanding of your customer. By noting requests, preferences, and important dates, the CRM tool equips you to offer them a unique and personalized experience that makes every customer feel like a VIP.  This exceptional customer service and personalized treatment creates a connection that makes customers feel like “guests” who want to return for a similar experience and become repeat guests.  In addition, these same guests are more likely to refer you to others, resulting in a new pool of potential customers that can benefit from your exceptional service and likely become repeat guests themselves.

You could find and purchase a CRM system separately, or you can take advantage of the built-in CRM tool within the ReServe Cloud Catering/Event Management module, and Reservations/Table Management solutions.  Let ReServe Interactive show you how to build brand loyalty and take your business to the next level.  To  learn more, visit us at www.reserveinteractive.com or contact a Sales rep at 925/456-6700.

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