20 Years and Counting

06/10/2016 by Jeff Walden

We are proud to announce the 20th anniversary of ReServe Interactive software.  Since the first days when Lynn Carter and Beth Goodell started our company in 1996, our commitment to excellence for our customers has never wavered.  In fact, as our client base has grown over the years, we have become even more grateful for our long-term alliances with companies such as Levy Restaurants, Robert Mondavi Winery, Silver Oak, Stanford University, Patina Restaurant Group, Chambers Bay Golf Club, Lucky Strike, Thomas Keller Group and Wolfgang Puck Catering.

Over the past two decades, our once-small company has emerged as an industry leader in the hospitality marketplace.  Thousands of customers use our software to manage their catering, banquet and private-dining events.  Others use it to manage their dining, tour, bowling and bocce reservations.  And, because we remain the only solution for integrated events and reservations management, there are those who use it all.

What never changes is change.  With this year’s release of ReServe Cloud® software, our commitment to providing our clients with the latest, cutting-edge technologies remains a core company goal.  Every corporate decision we make is with the intention of improving our service to the customers that have made our company such a success.

When you think of hospitality management software, think of ReServe Interactive as the go-to company, ready to meet the challenges of the next two decades head on for our customers in the industry.

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