Succeeding in a Catering Business

07/06/2016 by Jeff Walden

Starting a small business isn’t for everyone. It’s hard work — much more difficult than collecting your paycheck twice a month. But the rewards … nothing quite feels as satisfying as when you’ve taken your passion and made it into a successful business!

Passion is exactly what it’s about. When you have a fervor for something — sewing, programming, architecture, baking; making it your life and your livelihood by sharing it with others is the most rewarding thing you can do.

Your Catering Company: What You Need to Succeed

Wolfgang Puck Catering (WPC) is synonymous with delicious, beautifully presented food service for high-profile people and events. But this dynamic entrepreneur still takes time to cook for his family every day. Not only does he have passion for food, but also the natural qualities and developed skills needed to manage a successful catering business.

  • Patience is a virtue — It takes time to build your client base, so use that time to plan and perfect your process. When your business takes off, you’ll appreciate the times when you literally had more time.
  • Failure is not defeat — Businesses, like the stock market, have ups and downs. Successful caterers see setbacks for what they are and learn from mistakes.
  • Study demographics and your industry — Your customers in Dallas, Texas probably want food that reflects their unique culture while Midwesterners have more delicate palates. Catering is often a very significant piece of a larger puzzle for event and hospitality planners. It’s equally important to understand the behind-the-scenes workings of the event management industry.
  • Never stop learning — Study, train, stay on top of trends in your business. Not just you, but your employees, too.
  • Network, network, network — Everyone, no matter how detached or seemingly “unimportant” they may seem at the time, can be someone who will pan or praise you or your business. Your graciousness and eagerness to take advantage of every connection will create a kind of goodwill more valuable than advertising.
  • Invest in the best equipment and technology — As the catering industry evolves, so should your business. If you don’t, your competitors will leave you behind while they become faster and more competent.

One of the best technologies available to the catering industry is hospitality management software from ReServe Interactive. The fully integrated ReServe Cloud® software system makes everything easier, from your initial contact through final invoicing and follow-up. You’ll be able to manage the process more quickly and efficiently, and you can say farewell to double bookings.

We have more than 20 years’ experience with event food service and hospitality management companies of every size. If you’re considering making your passion your brand, let us help with a customized software solution. Call ReServe Interactive at (925) 456-6700 or contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

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