Here come the holidays!

11/07/2016 by Jeff Walden

There are definitely some trends in the Events business; maybe none as predictable as the craziness we know during the holidays.   The holiday season is traditionally the busiest time of year for event planners and venue managers. As we close on Halloween, we look ahead and realize that we are about to embark on an eight-week race to book and execute as many successful events as possible. Managing all the details of a special event from a corporate Christmas party, to social engagement with friends, or a holiday wedding, mean more revenue, and more stress.  Here are a couple of things to consider as you work to take care of you and your business.

1. How about a temporary assistant?

Even if you can handle the work-load through the majority of the year, the holiday season may be a different story. No matter how much you try and convince yourself, no one can work around the clock. Consider bringing on an assistant to help with some of your events, take phone calls, handle set-up time, or simply keep your administrative tasks current. Many managers rely on the post-holiday slowdown to catch-up on some of this paperwork, but hiring an extra set of hands may allow you to do more proactive planning in Q1, which could lead to better strategic planning and an increase in your annual revenue.

2. Need rentals? Think long term

Many vendors will offer discounts for longer term rentals. Since margins are usually made on the total amount of time the equipment is booked, you’re likely to find some discounts if you go this route. Take a look at your schedule of events and see if you have any with common needs including lighting, tables and chairs, or A/V equipment.  Limiting the number of load-in and load-outs you are doing, can also save you time, in addition to money.

3. Consider your Event Management System

It’s never more evident than during the busy holiday season, that you need a great Event Management solution; one that combines a robust CRM, document creation with ease, automated workflows with reminders, and robust reporting to keep everyone on track.  If you are already a ReServe Cloud® user, you can rest assured knowing you have the best Event Management tool, at your fingertips.  If not, before you get slammed, take a moment to make sure your system is working the way you want. Do you know how you are operating? Does your team know where to find updated schedules and event information? It takes a lot of time and work to asses a system, but if you make note of weakness that surface during the holiday rush, once things slow down, you’ll already have a head start in knowing what to look for when time allows for evaluation. When that time comes, give us a shout to learn more about ReServe.

Happy holidays and we hope your events are successful!

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