Delphi.fdc has long been considered the hotel industry standard solution for Sales and Catering software.  However, with the acquisition by Amadeus of its parent company, Newmarket International, and its main competitor, Hotel Sales Pro, there has been an increase in demand for a viable alternative.  ReServe Interactive is poised to take advantage of that opportunity with its successful web-based Sales and Catering solution, ReServe Cloud® software.

Learn more about using ReServe Interactive as an alternative to Delphi.fdc.

For the past twenty years, ReServe Interactive focused on serving the function-only markets in the hospitality industry … facilities that booked events with food and beverage functions, but not blocks of sleeping rooms, or guest rooms.  When their catering and event management software was first created those “non-guest-room” markets were largely underserved.  ReServe Interactive was able to take advantage of significant opportunities with their unique and comprehensive solution.  They thrived without having to compete against the more established hotel systems like Delphi.

However, with the release of ReServe Interactive’s web-based platform, ReServe Cloud, in 2015 they planned to move prominently into the hotel market.  Their Catering and Event Management software exceeded the functionality of Delphi.fdc, it just needed the ability to book event group guest room blocks.  So, last year, they added a Guest Rooms Control module, or GRC as it’s called in the industry, to ReServe’s portfolio of software products. 

With the ReServe Cloud GRC module, users can check availability of guest room inventory for blocks of rooms associated with events.  They can then add those guest room blocks to events, along with food and beverage functions if needed, quote rates, calculate revenues, and generate comprehensive, custom proposals or contracts for their customer in seconds.  The GRC also tracks cut-off dates, reservation and billing methods, commissions, concessions, rebates, average rates, comp rooms and so much more.

ReServe Cloud has the ability to manage single- or multi-property deployments.  Its robust reporting capabilities enable data analytics at the corporate or site level.  There is also an open API, which allows organizations to develop interfaces with their other solutions such as Property Management Systems, Accounting Programs, Reader Boards and Data Warehouses.

You only need to buy the modules that make sense for your organization.  For instance, if your facility does not have function space, you can buy just the GRC module and manage your rooms-only event bookings for a much lower cost than Delphi.fdc.  In addition, each subscription includes unlimited users, so you can give access to your entire organization without having to purchase licenses for all of them individually.

ReServe Interactive’s 20+ years in the industry have demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of the Hotel market and, with that knowledge, have created a smart software system that is designed to become an integral part of your day-to-day processes. ReServe Cloud was built on a proprietary platform by a tech-savvy team with extensive catering sales and event management experience; combining human interface technologies with the specific, real world needs of the hospitality industry.

ReServe Interactive is the smart Delphi.fdc alternative.  For more information, go to

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