ReServe Cloud® Software Reliability

08/24/2018 by Rob Hutter

At ReServe Interactive® we take the reliability of our software products very seriously. We know our customers depend on us to deliver solutions to solve their business challenges and expect a product to be available whenever they need to use it, even when they are burning the midnight oil.

Our core product, ReServe Cloud, is available 24x7x365 to meet this need and we continuously monitor the uptime of our application and gateway. Over the last 60 days, ReServe Cloud’s uptime has been 100%, even during software updates. Interested in seeing for yourself?  Head on over to, to learn more.  Customers can also click on the “System Status” link in the footer of the ReServe Cloud login page.

Once there, you will notice several sections. The “Current Status” section shows the real-time status of the ReServe Cloud application and gateway. The “Status History” section shows up to 90 days of historical data on each services’ reliability. Some sections are dynamic and only appear under certain conditions. When server maintenance is scheduled, it will begin appearing on the status page one week before the maintenance is scheduled. Announcements may also periodically appear on the status page for specific events as needed.

ReServe Interactive believes in complete transparency regarding our products and makes this information available to everyone so you can see how well we perform. It’s a great place to find out when the next maintenance is scheduled, or want to see how the application is performing. We hope it is helpful and gives you confidence the ReServe Cloud application works just as hard as you do and is available whenever you need it.

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