The ReServe Interactive® Customer Success Team is always looking for ways to help our customers succeed as they launch their new ReServe Cloud® Catering & Event Management and Reservations & Floor Management software. Before we could determine ways to improve, we first had to ask the question: “What exactly is Customer Success and how can ReServe play a part in that?”   The best definition we found when researching this is “Customer success encompasses the ongoing efforts of an organization to continue delivering value to its customers and managing the relationship even after the initial sale of a product or service.”   Rest assured, we don’t want our customer’s excitement for ReServe to end after the “honeymoon”.  We want to enter into a long-term relationship with them!

The second step on our mission was to go straight to the source.  What better way to achieve ongoing success than to ask our new customers directly, “What can we do to help you succeed with your new ReServe Cloud software?”   Here are the three most common answers:

  • Understand our unique business needs and how we hope ReServe Cloud software can help enhance our day-to-day work life
  • Provide our team with solid training on ReServe Cloud software to help us through the transition to a new product
  • Deliver outstanding, ongoing support and care even after implementation is complete

We listened!   ReServe Interactive was built over 20 years ago with the vision that customer satisfaction and long-term loyalty would be the top priority.  We pride ourselves on the customer experience we deliver but we are also humble enough to understand there is always room for improvement.   Thus, we have developed an ongoing initiative to remember our roots, listen to our customers, and draw from our successes!

This is the onboarding experience we deliver to our new ReServe Cloud customers.  Their journey begins with an initial consultation with their dedicated Customer Success Specialist, so we can truly understand their unique business needs and processes.  This dedicated project manager stays with them through their onboarding period, serving as their coach, expert and trainer.  Their teams receive beginning, administrative and follow-up training sessions with unlimited access to ongoing webinars and online training resources.  The relationship continues to grow as they begin to interact with our friendly and knowledgeable Customer Care team who becomes their support and ReServe “lifeline” not only during onboarding but also in the years to come.  Finally, ReServe has added a Customer Loyalty Specialist element to its already talented staff.  Customers can expect to hear from ReServe long after they have implemented ReServe Cloud to touch base and see how we can help them continue their success.

In the end, customer success promotes customer loyalty.  This is achieved by caring about customers. That’s how we’ve built our business and we’re grateful to all of our loyal customers old and new.  Wishing them much success!

Visit us at and learn more about our culture, products and services.

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