It’s a fact that most clubs are struggling for new members. According to IBISWorld Industry Research, “Over the last five years, the Golf Courses and Country Clubs industry has struggled to be up to par due to waning interest in golf among all but its eldest target demographics.” National Golf Foundation studies have found that while young adults, those aged 18 to 34, represent golf’s biggest customer age segment, the participation rate among millennials is far below where the segment was in the 1990s.

Clearly the golf industry needs to find ways to attract new players to the sport. However, for those that are playing, how do clubs convert more of them into members? Since the pool of golfers is smaller, it’s crucial to have a membership sales system in place. Most of the employees in clubs selling golf memberships have no formal system in place for managing and marketing to potential prospects.  Therefore, hundreds of leads and thousands of dollars are squandered every month.

Memberships and Member Leads software programs, such as the ReServe Cloud® platform, have many benefits for attracting new, and maintaining existing, memberships in golf and private clubs. Below are a few:

Member Leads

Use technology to organize, automate and synchronize sales and marketing efforts to potential members. Leads can be tracked from initial inquiry to conversion. Automated workflows assist the salesperson with managing the multiple tasks associated with selling new or upselling existing memberships. The best systems have a full customer relationship management component that track all activity history including email communications, internal discussions and marketing campaigns. Sales teams can stay connected to the information they need to keep their fingers on the pulse of their key contacts.

Sales Performance

Set metrics-based goals with up-to-date information on opportunities. Sales forecasting for managers is fast, easy and accurate providing a real-time view into potential revenue, so they can stay on top of their business. They can make smarter decisions about where to invest their budgeted dollars marketing campaigns and referral programs.

Membership Database

Among clubs that are growing, many have expanded their types of memberships to appeal to a broader audience. They provide new amenities such as recreational pools and exercise facilities. A Memberships software system can keep track of each member’s benefits and allow for upselling in later renewal periods.

Data Analysis

Capture preferences, referrals, spend history and club activity. Gaining these insights helps to profile member and prospective member behavior for a better understanding of what does and does not appeal to them. Having all of this data in one place allows it to be analyzed collectively to spot trends and take effective action to improve product and service offerings. Dig deeper with detailed reports.

Member Loyalty

Retain existing members through loyalty programs. Members of private golf clubs need to feel that sense of connection just as much, if not more, than daily fee players. They want to be engaged and entertained just like everyone else. Memberships and member leads programs should have the ability to manage these types of programs as well as store information such as birthdays and anniversaries for special use.

A system like ReServe Cloud software by ReServe Interactive hospitality software solutions offers all of the above Memberships and Member Leads functionality along with integrated Catering and Event Management, and Dining Reservations and Table Management software modules. This type of comprehensive solution increases the return on investment by expanding usage throughout the club and positively affecting multiple revenue centers. It also adds additional data points that enhance customer loyalty and membership analysis.

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