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10/02/2018 by Rob Hutter

There are many factors that, when combined, create an outstanding customer service experience.  Several years ago, Genesys conducted a survey to find out the most significant factors that lead to a satisfying customer service experience. They surveyed over 9,000 consumers and found the top four factors to be:

  • Competent customer service representatives – 78% of respondents
  • Convenient communication channels – 48% of respondents
  • Better Human service – 38% of respondents
  • The company was proactive in reaching out to them – 37% of respondents

When you look at this list and think about your own customer service experiences, it is easy to see how these things either did, or could have, created an outstanding customer service experience.

Consumers also indicated they prefer more proactive outreach. Over 85% said proactive engagement is a “strong benefit” or they welcome “proactive assistance” when stuck on the web or in self-service, which broke down as follows:

  • Strong benefit – 48.8% of respondents
  • Welcome proactive assistance – 41.7% of respondents
  • Not Interested – 9.5% of respondents

At ReServe Interactive, customer service is one of our pillars of success. We strive to ensure every interaction is a positive experience for our customers. the Customer Care team receives regular training during weekly staff meetings and other scheduled training sessions to ensure they are able to assist our customers’ with their needs and help them be successful with our software. When new features are developed, Customer Care agents assist in the validation process prior to general release so they are familiar with it from day one.

Several communication channels are available to reach the team including in-software chat, email, and telephone. Whichever channel is preferred; needed help is delivered quickly and efficiently so our customers can focus on what they do best, running their business.

ReServe Interactive doesn’t utilize third-party call centers or have endless loops of automated support. Give us a call and a live person is available to speak with who is ready to help resolve any problem. If chat is used, you get one of the same agents!  If they can’t immediately resolve a problem, it isn’t the end of the road. The rest of ReServe interactive’s awesome Success team is consulted to get answers. Because many of our team members have real-world hospitality experience, they understand and empathize with the customer’s situation.  They are equipped to provide proactive follow-up to keep customers informed on the status of their outstanding issue. In cases where a software enhancement is requested, our automated change request process tracks requests and automatically notifies the customer of its status.

Need more convincing that our Customer Care team provides awesome support? Click here to see what actual customers have to say about our software and the support they receive from ReServe Interactive. Our 4.7 out of 5 review rating speaks for itself.  Want to learn more about our solutions and services?  Visit us at or give us a call at 925/456-6700.

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