ReServe University Launches a New Campus

10/17/2018 by Leslie Phillips

Our customers’ success with ReServe Interactive® software products means everything to us. Wanting to empower them by offering a quick way to find answers to their questions on their own has been utmost on our minds, which is why we are thrilled to announce the launch of our new ReServe University Campus!  It includes a searchable Library, an enhanced Contact Us area, a What’s New section, and an embedded Success Track for guided learning.  Access to this new campus can be found by clicking the graduation cap icon in the upper-right area of the ReServe Cloud® screen. 

One of the most anticipated features is the new Search field.  Upon clicking the graduation cap icon, you will walk right into the Library.  The entire library is now searchable simply by entering a keyword or two in the Search bar, and then sitting back and watching the matching help topics present themselves!  If you prefer to narrow down the displayed results, a set of filter criteria exist in the form of dropdown menus that will allow you to see resources based on a particular topic, area, section, or content tag. 

“Context-sensitive help” is still in place within the Library.  This means that if you are currently viewing the Event Financial Details page, for example, that topic is pre-selected automatically when you click on the ReServe University icon.  The system is intuitive enough to know right where you are in the software and to list the applicable help resources.

In addition to the new Library, navigation buttons are now displayed at the top of each ReServe University page to quickly take you to other areas of the campus which are listed below:

Library (described above): Quickly access documents, videos, and best practices in the entire ReServe University library. 

What’s New: Check here for a quick look at what’s new. ReServe Cloud is always being enhanced to remain a vital tool for your operation. 

Contact Us: Got a question? We’ve got the answers! Whether by Chat, email, or phone, our expert Customer Care Agents are there when you need them. 

Success Track: Start your path to success here! From mastering the basics to leveraging the full power of ReServe Cloud, these resources will guide you step-by-step. 

Have you ever wondered… where do I start?  Well the Success Track is your answer!  The Success Track offers a wonderful spot for new users, experienced users and administrators to find exactly what they need utilizing our resource “class structure” … from RU 101 to RU 401.  Each area of the software is represented as a tab, with graduated “class material” offered by section so that a user can select a level and work their way up. Starting with RU 101: Getting Started, new users can gain an understanding of the basics.  More advanced users may benefit from RU 201: Optimize and Analyze.  Administrators will find most of what they are looking for in RU 301: Customize and Automate.  For those interested in more technical subjects such as interfaces, there is RU 401: Integrate and Innovate.  Use the material to take yourself from a novice to an expert.

At ReServe University, the learning never stops because ReServe Cloud is always being enhanced to meet the ever-changing needs of your business. We encourage you to start exploring the enhanced ReServe University Campus and become familiar with the rich content. It’s all designed to help you get the most out of your ReServe Cloud software!

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