What Is Guest Rooms Control for Hotels?

01/22/2019 by Beth Goodell

Hotels and resorts have unique needs when it comes to their catering software for group sales and event management.  Similar to other event venues such as restaurants, clubs, wineries and convention centers, a hotel’s sales and catering software system needs to be able to control the meeting and function room schedule, manage food and beverage menus, coordinate setup arrangements and equipment inventory, calculate financials and process payments, generate documents such as proposals, contracts, event orders (BEOs) and invoices, create reminders for follow-up tasks, and create reports for successful event execution and business analysis. 

In addition, a hotel needs to be able to manage the guest rooms or sleeping rooms associated with an event.  Many events that take place in a hotel not only require meeting or function space, they also require a certain number of guest rooms to be held for their attendees.  This is called a Guest Room Block.  A group sales manager in a hotel needs to be able to quickly reference the inventory of guest rooms available for a block during a certain date range.  They also need access to information to accurately quote and negotiate room rates for these rooms.  Then they need to generate a contract with all of these event details for their customer. 

That’s where a Guest Rooms Control, also called a Group Rooms Control, module comes in.  A sales and catering software system with functionality to manage guest room blocks is essential for a group sales manager at a hotel or resort.  ReServe Cloud® by ReServe Interactive® is one such system.  It includes a comprehensive sales, catering and event management software system along with guest rooms control, and much more.  Click here for more information about ReServe Cloud.

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