According to a recent poll by WeddingWire, about 40% of all engagements take place between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day.  Shortly thereafter, brides and grooms begin the wedding planning process and one of their first priorities is to find the perfect venue.  That means February is the time for catering sales managers to focus on optimizing one of their busiest booking periods … wedding season!  Here are some ways the right catering and event management software can help you get more customers to say “I Do” to you!

1. Download Wedding Inquiries Directly from Your Website

Quick responses often receive a much better chance of winning the business. Allow customers fill out inquiry forms on your website that download directly into your sales and catering software. The contact information for the event inquiry will be available immediately instead of wasting valuable time entering information from an email or handwritten message.

2. Confirm Dates Immediately with your Tablet or Smartphone

Have you ever been on a site visit with a happy couple that is immediately sold and wants to know your availability on the spot?  You can do that if you’ve got a cloud-based catering and event management software along with you. Access your cloud-based software from any smartphone or tablet at any time.  You’ll be able to seamlessly convert that inquiry to a booking on the spot, as opposed to waiting until you get back to the office and potentially losing that opportunity to a competitor.

3. Offer Wedding Packages To Make the Booking Process Easy

Calculating the costs associated with a wedding reception can be an ominous task for the couple, and stressful relaying all of those separate charges to parents.  Couples appreciate packages that include all of the catering elements such as food and beverage menus, décor, entertainment and other enhancements. Packages often sway the decision-making process in a venue’s favor because of the convenience and perception of added value.  Translating those packages onto a proposal or BEO can be challenging for some catering software systems. Look for programs that can represent a package price to the customer, but allocate charges to the appropriate revenue centers for reporting and management purposes.

4. Stand Out With Attractive Proposals

Presentation is everything when it comes to the representation of your products and services. Catering and event management software has the ability to create custom proposal templates with your unique branding elements.  This capability gives you the edge when couples are comparing the offering of one venue to another. You want your presentation to stand out and impress the customer to show the value in selecting your property.

5. Get Signed Contracts Faster and More Securely

Waiting for paper contracts to be sent, received, signed, and returned can be extremely time-consuming and a security concern if they contain sensitive information. However, you can eliminate that stress with the ease of e-signatures and online payments from guests, allowing you to close more deals and collect payments faster. By integrating e-signature and into sales and catering software, you can go completely paperless and eliminate security risks.

These catering software features will not only save time but help you win more weddings and other event business. The latest solutions offer valuable functionality that can provide you with the competitive advantage you need to win contracts and impress happy couples. Take the proactive approach with the wedding season to ensure you fill your available space with the right business for your property. Interested in learning more? Contact us, we’d be happy to setup a demo.

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