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It’s All in the Details (Part 2)…

04/01/2015 by ReServe Interactive

When it comes to details, there are two trains of thought. The first is that they are a nuisance, an annoyance – extra work that gets in the way of the bigger picture. The second is that details are the foundation of an unforgettable experience or an extraordinary event. When the details are tended to, […]

6 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing Software

03/25/2015 by ReServe Interactive

Software is a major capital expenditure and certain considerations should be taken into account before an investment is made. Take a look at this short list of questions to ask before making your software purchase. What factors into the cost of the software? Is it a licensing fee based on the number of users? Is support […]

A Few of our Favorite Things…

03/19/2015 by ReServe Interactive

Happy Customers – nothing makes us happier than a satisfied customer. It’s what makes us tick and drives us to constantly enhance our software and service offering. Making our customers’ lives easier is our goal, and when that goal is met, we couldn’t be happier. A Brilliant Staff – we couldn’t do what we do […]

Wasted time is wasted money. And using a combination of tools like file folders, sticky notes, and spreadsheet programs to manage events can be a waste of valuable time, leading to process inefficiencies, gaps in productivity, miscommunication, mistakes and lost business. By investing in the right software system, you can standardize your event management processes, […]

The Power of the Light Bulb

03/05/2015 by ReServe Interactive

Have you ever been in a situation where things are moving along, the information or experience is just what you expected and then, out of the blue, you hear or see something that makes you stop in your tracks? Have you ever had a light-bulb moment? A moment of clarity that changed your perspective, your attitude or […]

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