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Successful event management's all about the process.

It’s not always what you do, but how you do it. The fully integrated ReServe Cloud® Off-Premise Event Catering software and On-Premise Event Management software system automates the entire event booking process from initial inquiry to the final invoice and everything in between.

It’s the only event catering software program designed around the lifecycle stages of an event, rather than just a scattered database full of fields. This unique, process-driven design called Event Lifecycle TechnologySM is customizable and designed to automatically prompt you to do the right things at the right time, so no details are missed and no mistakes are made. Plus, you get things done faster than ever.

You’ve never worked like this before!

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Event Lifecycle Technology

ReServe Cloud is the only Event Catering Software program designed around the lifecycle stages of an event from initial guest inquiry to final thank you note and everything in between.

Our unique, process-driven design called Event Lifecycle TechnologySM is customizable and automatically prompts you to take the right steps and do the right things at the right time so no details are missed and no mistakes are made.

See it in action...

Meet Joan, a busy event sales manager, as she experiences the time saving and process improving benefits of our Event Lifecycle TechnologySM.

Built into our web-based Catering & Event Management software, Event Lifecycle Technology not only automates processes and manages events from first customer contact through event execution and follow up, it helps build consistent business practices and ensure accuracy by breaking down operations into digestible steps.

Inspired by our desire to meet the unique needs of our customers, Event Lifecycle Technology takes what you do every minute of every day and automates it, making your processes smoother, quicker and more consistent. The result is an easier, more efficient workday and a shorter ‘to-do’ list.

Book more business.

Time really is money. Your sales goals keep going up and there are only so many hours in the day. Don’t panic! We'll help you make the most of them. ReServe’s event catering software streamlines time-consuming tasks, so you have more time to sell and keep those event spaces booked to capacity. Imagine inquiries populating into ReServe automatically from your website, and creating those proposals with just a few keystrokes!

And because ReServe is managing all of the details, you’ll have time to make sure your events go off without a hitch. That means repeat business... the best kind!

  • sales and catering

    Drag & Drop Multi-View Calendar and Event Book. Manage unlimited event or banquet sites and locations, prevent double bookings, check availability, maintain wait lists, and copy repeat events.

  • event management

    Online Inquiry Processing. Let prospective guests submit private event requests through your website that are automatically traced for follow-up. Guests can make real-time reservations for public special events using ReServe's Events with Reservations feature.

  • Point & Click BEO Builder. Create event orders and proposals in seconds by selecting menu, set-up and service items with advanced, single step point-and-click technology.

  • Automatic Document Creation. Instantly produce professionally branded and customized proposals, contracts, event orders, invoices and templates with automatically inserted price, menu, contact and event information.

  • Multi-Device Accessibility. Continual access to all areas of your software from any PC, tablet or mobile device for greater flexibility and control.

Build stronger relationships.

Of course you have to deliver the goods… great food, excellent service and nice facilities, but it’s the relationships you build that keep your customers coming back. Everyone knows that loyal customers mean repeat business and more referrals. With ReServe’s rich customer database and CRM features, you can easily recognize, personalize and make the most of existing and prospective guest relationships.

And because every one of your customers assumes they are your most important, and expects to be treated that way, ReServe helps you remember what makes them tick, so you can deliver a stand-out VIP experience every time.

  • Customer Relationship Management. Maintain a rich customer database for accounts and contacts including buying history, phone conversations, correspondence and e-mails to help prospect future business. Recognize and differentiate VIP guests and customize service.

  • Custom Correspondence. Create professional, personalized letters that automatically insert desired contact and event fields.

  • Automatic Tasks & Reminders. Generate customized, automated daily “to-do” lists and follow-up reminders.

Keep everyone on the same page.

Catered events have many moving parts that have to come together seamlessly in order to be successful. When you’re the liaison between the client and your organization, it’s critical that you provide timely, accurate and attractive documentation. Our point-and-click technology and easy integration features help you quickly create and share custom proposals, banquet event orders, event schedules and more.

Now you can get the right info into the right hands at the right time. Cool, right?

”With other event catering
software systems, you
find out too late if you’ve
missed something.

With ReServe,
we’ve got you covered.”
- Keith Ewell, Strategic Account Manager

  • Event Reporting. Export food and beverage details, cancelled and no show event reservations, daily event and event reservation counts, event and function lists by date, set up and service orders, labor reports, and more.

  • Integrated E-mail. Send e-mail correspondence instantly with automatically generated attachments.

  • Event Change Auditing. Automatically track changes and print revised event orders.

  • Google Calendar Interface. Export your event calendar using the power of Google.

  • E-Payment Capability. Deposits, payments and recurring payments, in any combination, can be electronically processed, recorded and associated with an event through the security of ReServe’s PCI compliant e-payment integration feature.

  • E-Signature Integration. Seamlessly embed electronic signature fields into proposals, contracts and other documents. Customer signatures are then captured and a legally binding, signed document is stored in ReServe and can be shared with all parties.

Keep an eye on the bottom line.

Not only do sales have to go up, but your costs need to stay down. No worries! With ReServe, you can manage your resources effectively. We help you monitor and control the costs of the equipment you need to set-up an event, the labor required to execute it, and the menu designed to dazzle your guests. ReServe has the smarts to help you accurately calculate costs and get a handle on your resources so you can make the right decisions to keep you profitable.

With ReServe, you’re bottom line has never looked so good!

”We're more than software providers,
we're business partners.

One of our biggest goals is to
make sure your business is successful..”
- Mike Edmeyer, Vice President, Sales

  • Food & Beverage Menu Costing. Input the cost of food and beverage items to ensure menus are priced profitably. Automatically re-calculates cost percentages, so you can easily accommodate client budgets.

  • Labor Scheduling. Automatically allocate labor costs according to custom staffing models that determine what resources are typically required for a specific event.

Measure so you can manage.

To successfully manage a business, you need to see where you've been and know where you’re going. ReServe's comprehensive reporting and analysis features let you examine, adjust and improve performance across your organization. ReServe gives you instant access to valuable information with the click of a button. Need to report on how much money is coming in this quarter? Click. Who are your best customers? Click. What resources do you need to get the job done? Click. See? No more hours spent generating reports.

What will you do with all the precious time you'll get back?

  • Financial and Historical Reporting. Instantly produce customized, user-defined professional and accurate forecasts, invoices, aging reports, payment summaries, cost reports, detailed sales and lost business analyses, and more, using assistive, drag-and-drop report building and generation functionality.

  • Report Scheduler. Schedule reports to be exported or e-mailed at pre-defined times, as well as create jobs to send automatic e-mails that can be triggered by contact, event or dining dates.

  • Marketing Analysis. Pull and analyze account details, marketing activity summaries, club membership information, advertising and marketing initiative effectiveness for events and more.

  • Dashboards. Visually chart various event and dining metrics in ReServe including event counts and revenue, average turn rates, food and beverage revenue, dining covers and reservation counts.