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Most breweries are looking for an efficient, centralized way to effectively organize, plan and book brewery events. Challenges often evolve from the use of several, separately managed database applications that are utilized for booking such activities. As a result, the tasting and tour departments are often unaware of the requirements of the social events department and vice versa. Further exasperated by the sheer number of events, tastings and tours, along with guests scheduling multiple activities across several locations within the same family of breweries, the potential for error is magnified. Running a brewery without effective software might result in a brewery finding themselves with double-bookings, a frustrated team and potentially unhappy guests.

Being the only integrated event management and reservations software solution, the ReServe Cloud® platform is a cost-effective, highly customizable brewery software system that provides a centralized tool to manage brewery guest experiences. These "experiences" can range in size and scope, from large private social or corporate events, to brewery sponsored events, to small private or public tastings and/or tour reservations. In addition, ReServe allows you to manage more than one brewery in the same database allowing for single itinerary management of each guest, across multiple destinations, providing you with a "birds-eye" view of each guest and their experiences.

Add online brewery reservations and event inquiry capabilities and now you have a 24-hour-a-day assistant working for you. From your website, guests can book their own tasting or tour appointments, add themselves to brewery sponsored events, or send you an inquiry for a private or corporate event. No need to transcribe the details from an email, ReServe automatically populates the captured data into the system, creates a follow-up task for the coordinator, and sends a confirmation email to the guest. How's that for efficiency?

To learn more about how our brewery software can help you reduce scheduling redundancies, avoid double booking event space, and provide guests with an exceptional brewery experience, all while improving internal operations and staff communications, contact our Sales team here or call us at 925/456-6700, option 2.

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