Frank Group USA uses ReServe Cloud for Event Management and Reservations

Originating over 100 years ago, Frank Group USA has evolved from its movie theatre business roots into what VP Sales & Marketing, Michael Idlis, describes as a "family-friendly, luxury entertainment" company. Hosting a variety of events and reservations, Frank Group USA is comprised of two similar types of venues, Revolutions and Cinebowl & Grille. While both offer bowling, food, and beverage, the Cinebowl & Grille’s also feature arcades and movies. After years of experience with ReServe Interactive, Idlis recently explained how Frank Group USA operations are benefitting from ReServe Cloud® Event and Reservation software.

The Challenge

Given all the moving parts of Frank Group USA, the company was looking for a system to track and monitor sales for the organization. What they lacked was an organization-wide database for all event and reservation information to be stored and referenced. Document creation for every event or reservation is time consuming especially when there is no hub for all customer information. "I can’t even fathom creating all our documents on Word, Outlook or Google Calendar as some of my competition do. That would be a nightmare," claims Idlis. Having a clear and automated event management software would minimize time spent behind the screens and maximize time spent forming strong customer relationships. Frank Group USA's complex business model demanded a solution that could simplify and streamline all site data.

I can’t imagine using anything but ReServe for all of my events. Thanks to ReServe, we have the ability to be very detailed and event-specific with our BEO creation.

Michael Idlis
Frank Group USA