Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta Georgia

ReServe's software is intuitive by nature which makes us more efficient as an organization. We work smarter and faster which leads directly to increased revenue.

Will Ramsey
Director of Group Sales

When the Georgia Aquarium, the world’s largest fresh and marine water aquarium located in Atlanta, Georgia, opened its doors to the public in November of 2005, event staff was prepared to execute approximately 200 events through the end of 2006. But demand for the venue was high and more than 750 events took place. Before the aquarium opened, management's goal was to streamline the booking process in order to maximize the facility’s expansive event space, which includes a configurable 16,000 square foot ballroom, pre-function space and building-wide accommodations, in order to execute as many events as possible while still remaining efficient and profitable.

To achieve this goal, Will Ramsey, director of group sales for the Georgia Aquarium, together with Wolfgang Puck Catering, provider of the facility's special event catering services, implemented ReServe Interactive's Catering and Event Management software.

"ReServe's software allows us to efficiently manage multiple activities throughout our extensive, flexible event space," explains Ramsey. "Implementing the software before we opened our doors allowed us to control exactly what space we were selling and how we booked those events so every function executed was a success."

The Challenge

Prior to its Grand Opening in 2005, the Georgia Aquarium needed to streamline the process of booking and executing events throughout its facility which includes the configurable 16,000 square foot Oceans Ballroom, pre-function space, as well as building-wide event accommodations for up to 5,000 guests. As space was requested, it was important that everyone involved in the booking process understood the guidelines for selling event space, as well as how each area could be configured to meet event requirements. Communication between Georgia Aquarium and Wolfgang Puck Catering event managers was critical to ensure that event space was not double booked and, with multiple events taking place simultaneously, it was important that each event was executed with the highest level of precision.

"The Georgia Aquarium is a complicated facility. Our ballroom alone can be configured into three distinctly different spaces," explains Ramsey. "We are a large team that moves quickly. We cannot afford to miss a single detail, so we needed an intelligent tool that could simplify the booking and execution process and allow us to be as efficient as possible."

Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta Georgia
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