Ryan Sanders Sports Services

ReServe is my everything when it comes to organization of every event onsite.

Ryan Sanders Sports Services

Being good partners with our clients is a foundational value at ReServe Interactive®, and when we learn that we are a key component of their operational process, we need to understand more. Recently, we chatted with Katherine from Ryan Sanders Sports Services to hear about their experience with ReServe Cloud® Event Management software.

How do you describe your organization to someone unfamiliar with it?

Ryan Sanders Sports Services (RS3) is a food service provider whose philosophy is to bring a new perspective to the traditional industry of sports venue services – an operator’s sensitivity to guest service and a difference-making attitude about quality and unexpected guest satisfaction. We are always looking for tools to create the best food and beverage service for both our clients and the venues we serve.

What are core principles of RS3 or what aspects of the company do you enjoy the most?

One of my favorite things is our +1 service motto. We are always looking for an opportunity to go out of our way to exceed expectations and deliver an extra effort for our customers.

How do you describe how you are currently using ReServe Cloud software?

I basically live in ReServe. ReServe is a part of my everyday life. I would probably be considered the ReServe expert for our company, which is how I got involved in setting-up the second site for our new location. I use the software to manage our event calendar, keep track of orders and complete all of our invoicing. I especially appreciate all the color coding options in the calendar so I can keep myself organized and have the immediate knowledge of the status of each of my events. ReServe is my everything when it comes to organization of every event onsite.

What were you using to manage operations before implementing ReServe? What challenges did you face?

Catertrax was used before switching to ReServe at Circuit of the Americas (COTA). Since RS3 took over over Dr. Pepper Arena from another caterer, I am unsure of what system was in place prior.

Catertrax was not working for COTA because it is one of our most complex venues and we really look to ReServe to provide us with a wide assortment of BOH organizational tools in addition to the management of customer orders. Since nothing is cookie-cutter in the catering world, the flexibility to customize just about everything in ReServe makes a big difference and definitely adds to the ReServe pros list. ReServe also has rock-star user support, which I am always raving about.

What made you confident that ReServe was a good fit for your new site?

We decided to implement ReServe at the Dr. Pepper location, since it has been such a positive experience at COTA. We wouldn’t consider anything else at this time, regardless of what kind of venue it is. Whether this new venue turns out to be is more complicated or less complicated, ReServe just seemed like it was the best and only option.

What were your short-term goals with ReServe? Have you achieved those goals?

I really wanted to improve our reporting efforts, especially pulling operational reports on race weekends, because our quantities are so large. I wanted to pull a report that said we need 10,000 cases of Bud Light – which is something we could never do before because our service items were never refined... And with a new focus on service items, with the intention to pull reports, our reporting has definitely improved tenfold. Our previous process was to go through a stack of Banquet Event Orders that was 400 pages long and create excel spreadsheets, manually, so having ReServe do that work for us with the click of a button has changed our day to day operations, especially when time is so valuable during our race weekends. My one goal was to make someone’s life just a little bit easier, and I think I’ve been able to achieve that from time to time!

What are your long-term goals with ReServe Cloud?

I look forward to continuing to refine service items in order to create the exact reports that each department needs. Time is a constant challenge, but perfecting the reports is a long-term goal that I know ReServe is capable of helping me achieve.

How would you describe your experience with ReServe Interactive as a company (Sales process, onboarding, support/after care)?

Really quite wonderful. Denise has been absolutely super and she has been on top of everything. The response time of the support team is crazy. I think at one point I actually asked Adam if he got days off because he has responded to all of my emails and chat messages almost instantaneously. Coming from a service industry I value good service when I have the opportunity to experience it, so I have nothing but good things to say about the service I have received.

Great businesses have awesome people, great products and a solid process. Ryan Sanders Sports Services has an exceptional team, providing stellar service, and ReServe Cloud is proud to contribute to a time-tested process that is customized to their specific needs. Share your ReServe Cloud story with us or learn how we can enhance your event management process at www.reserveinteractive.com or 925/456-6700.