Stratus Vineyards uses ReServe Cloud for Event Management Software

Stratus Vineyards is far from the status quo when it comes to wine making. The "first fully LEED-certified winery in the world" happens to be using ReServe Cloud® Event Management software, and we are honored to partner with them. Located on Lake Ontario, Canada, this specialized winery holds both social and corporate events as well as regular tastings, tours, and experiences on a daily basis. Nearing 20 years in the industry, the growth of Stratus and the influx of event bookings monopolizes staff efforts. We recently caught up with Corporate Sales and Hospitality Manager, Meghan McCooey, to see how ReServe Cloud® Event Management Software streamlines processes for the Stratus staff.

The Challenge

Prior to using ReServe Cloud, Stratus would alternate between different programs to manage both public and private events. The use of these on-premise softwares limited staff to working solely at the office, while they quickly became outdated and unfit for the company's evolving needs. One of the main issues Stratus found was their previous reservation system led to a repetition of no-shows and wasted resources. "We were preparing food and wine for guests and they weren't showing up because they didn’t have to pay in advance," says McCooey. After spending nearly half of her work day on bookings, calls, and emails for reservations that never showed up, the hours lost began to accumulate. Stratus needed a system that would manage their tasting room and events as efficiently as the winery itself.

When they pay in advance, we don't have any of those issues anymore... I would even say we went from a 20% no-show rate to a zero percent no-show rate.

Meghan McCooey
Stratus Vineyards