The management team

They may head up the ranks, but they’re just part of the team. With doors always open and everyone’s best interest in mind, the management team represents every area of business from marketing to sales to technology development to customer service.

They are experts with a desire to offer the best software, bring out the best in their people and do their best by their customers.

They value honesty, integrity and family, as well as a healthy balance between work and fun.

The sales team

It’s all about trust with our sales team. Their goal is to make sure you get what you need to do your job well. No hokey sales tricks or pestering, just an honest evaluation of your software needs and the promise of finding you the best technology fit. Their hospitality experience makes them unique because they’ve stood in your shoes and actually get what you do every day. No lie!

From catering sales to restaurant management experience, this team can talk the talk because they’ve walked the walk.

The engineering team

Who comes up with this stuff anyway? Oh yeah, it’s our engineering team. Forward-thinking with super-human smarts, these folks are constantly planning, building, maintaining and enhancing the intelligent platform that is the one and only ReServe Interactive software. They are skilled software engineers crafting the code behind the software that is changing the way the hospitality industry does business.

From intuitive interfaces to iPad apps, their pursuit of perfection is never ending. They take their job very seriously and they have a lot of fun doing it.
The professional services team

Smart, savvy and sociable, this experienced team of software specialists is dedicated to partnering with our customers from day one. Some companies sell you their software, direct you to their website for support and then disappear. Not us. At ReServe, our Professional Services Team is with you every step of the way, offering personalized consultation, customized software set-up and ongoing training and support. Making sure you're ready to go with ReServe is their mission.

We can proudly say that this is our team of know-it-alls. They know your business needs, they know our software, and they know how to put the two together to ensure your success from the start.
The support team

They never wanted to be famous, but here they are - known throughout the industry for their exceptional customer service. When our customers call, they can expect to actually talk to one of these fine folks (can you believe it?) and they can also expect to get to know them by name (for real!). Got a problem or a question about your software? Our Support Team stands at the ready, poised to answer your calls, generate cases and resolve technical issues, all while making “tech talk” less technical and easy to understand.

No third-party call centers. No automated recordings. These are real people with a passion for what they do and the people they help.